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[TRANS] Wooyoung on CeCi Magazine September Issue 


“During the first time that we met, he seemed like a childlike teenager.
Second we met was due to photography, he seemed like an eagle, all ready and energised to conquer the skies.
Third time we met, it was like he grew up overnight, becoming more charismatic and matured.
The growing pains of his then 20 year old self, he then simply recounted for us as though nothing had happened.” 

Q: It’s rather hard to see you recently (Outside of the WGM)
Wooyoung: I’ve been taking a breath for the last 2 years for ‘the next me’. Because my thoughts will decide everything in future. Although I feel sorry for the fans. But I want to relax/release myself during my rest time.

Q: You have debuted for 7 years and are 26 years old now. You must have lots of worries right? 
Wooyoung: When I was in my 5th year, I stepped into the difficult time (?) just like a joke which become a reality. Is it the right answer if I do something seriously? Do I really suit in music world? I needed time to take a step back and really re-evaluate my worth. Actually there are lots of things I haven’t finish it properly. While thinking about it, I then unconsciously slowed down and ended up wandering along the boundary lines. 

Q: You must have gain or lost during this two years right? 
Wooyoung: I’m a person who only knows how to work seriously but don’t know how enjoy it. Isn’t it considered as a real artist if you can play and know how to play it well? Music is a kind of art too. I tend to easily fall into my small world, lose myself that lives in other’s worlds. I want to find the final destination which belong to me. During these two years, sometimes I use my whole day to listen songs, sometimes i use my whole day to read books. And also learn drawing which I like, learn piano and other things. During that time, I saw members have created their own path yet I used two years to understand how to enjoy the music. I got a certain conclusion at my intense worries. 

Q. We’re really curious about the answers that you’ve gotten. Becoming pure, wanting to return to the start of your passion? 
Wooyoung: It’s slightly different from that, I wanted to understand this world that I live in, I want to know more than others, experience more things. Only when I have such experience and knowledge in abundance, then can I be able to communicate with others. The problem is that when one knows too much, they become complacent. Jinyoung hyung, and other few closer artiste hyungs, and authors said the same too. ‘Living simply isn’t a bad idea too’ hearing such an idea seems abstract, but after much thinking, it’s actually quite right. Looking at the world, simultaneously looking at myself, the kind of music I enjoy should be simple and it must be able to be appreciated by others, and that’s what a true artiste/musician should be like. 

Q: There are lots of people give you solutions around you 
Wooyoung: There was an event in LA not long ago. At that night, Baek Jiyoung noona, Kim Taewoo hyung, CNBlue’s Jonghyun and Yonghwa, and also Taecyeon hyung & Chansung. We were gathering in a room. Jonghyun played the guitar and we were singing in freestyle. We sang and sang and it was already morning without our knowledge. This time, the conversation between Jiyoung noona and Taewoo hyung became more serious. In 5-6 years of debuted is when artists has lots of worries. Everyone will have the same worries as you. Don’t feel uneasy, do whatever you want! They just like an insight who know my worries. It’s really magical (?). So I really like to discuss things with seniors~ when I face a problem, the one who solved it for me is Jinyoung Hyung.

Q. Then are you done with the period of wandering/hesitation?
Wooyoung: Of course! I can now shine brightly~ 

Q. When you were in Bali, you had a small keyboard in your hands, that’s quite impressionable~
Wooyoung: Ah well, wherever I go I would always bring it along. Always seeing what it sees and what it hears, that’s one way to get closer to music. Even if I don’t play it, just having it by my side I do feel more comfortable and at ease. During the Japan tour, I used this to write songs with Jun. K hyung.

Q. Oh right! You’re still composing right? 
Wooyoung: There was some melody/tune (might be songs) that was written for the album. But I’m still in the midst of learning, there’s no limit/boundaries to learning so I keep studying and re-learning. I keep having the concept that I have to give up on everything just to make sure that the melody/tune that I want goes into the album. 

Q. Is it true that you must be in a relationship/being in love to write such songs?
Wooyoung: I don’t really wish for that kind of love story (to be able to write such songs). However, I’m afraid that I would not be able to write proper goodbye songs, but instead write plenty of heart-breaking songs. 

Q. Amongst the 2PM members, the amount of opportunity given to you is quite a lot. From composing, to acting and even MC-ing, on top of that having a solo.
Wooyoung: I don’t really have much to lose or regret, if I had to feel something then it would be to feel that it was a pity. The drama ‘Dream High’ was my first acting challenge, during that time just with such an opportunity I was already really grateful and happy, and always had the concept of ‘being thankful and reciprocate during these opportunities.’ During ‘Sexy Lady’ becoming the first wasn’t my goal, because being able to produce a solo album was already my goal, the only reason I had to move myself forward. ‘To have myself stand on stage and give it a try’ was what I felt (during the promotions) which was enough for me, however for the next album, I can’t be thinking like this anymore. 

Q. I heard that you’ve been enjoying your new found independence (staying alone)?
Wooyoung: Jun. K hyung and myself are already independent. Taecyeon hyung is staying with his parents. Khun hyung, Chansung and Junho are still staying in the dorms together. Back then when Taecyeon hyung’s parents migrated back to Seoul, Korea from Boston, he had initiated the idea by asking ‘How about living separately?’ Right then, we said ‘Let’s stay/live together for another 2 more years?’ We were just 22/23 years old, and if we stayed/lived separately we might grow apart. And we were very worried about this part, but we still agreed to Taecyeon hyung’s request. However, 2 years ago, we discussed about this topic again, and we agreed on the same philosophy, that no matter where we were, we would absolutely not grow apart or separate. With such a belief, I was then able to request/initiate the topic again, and subsequently I was the first to move out of the dorm (laughs)

Q. After living together with the members for 7 years through laughter and hardships, there must be a different significance. 
Wooyoung: It’s similar to the existence of a family. If we only shared with each other the good things that happened, then each one of us would feel that we did well, and all of us have quite a bit of ambition. So with all the big and small harships that we went through together, made us into a family. If there was any unhappiness amongst us, we don’t just jump into conclusions and bear the grudge but instead we would firstly think about ‘Did I do anything wrong towards the members and brought them much inconvenience and unhappiness?’ And because of this thoughtfulness, we then had a relationship that disregarded the fact that we were a group because of Jinyoung hyung. 

Q. Which member do you go to when you have worries and who’s a good example you follow?
Wooyoung: I usually go to my overseas roommate Khun and also Chansung who personality is quite similar to mine when I have worries. Chansung enjoys reading psychology-related books, and he’s quite sincere/serious about it. I converse the least with Taecyeon hyung (laughs) because the relationship that I have with Taecyeon hyung is more of the manly interactions, using our eyes to express ourselves like ‘You know what I mean’ kind of thing. Although we don’t really talk but we understand each other’s intentions. Whereas in music, I mostly confide in Jun. K. Jun. K hyung’s music sense is really precise/accurate and he’s someone who I look up to and respect a lot. For larger worries I would go to perfectionist Junho. When we come across matters that need opinions, our Kakaotalk chat group would then be really noisy because it’s hard for us to meet up due to our individual schedules. 

Q. 2PM’s chat group! Wow, we would really like to have a glance at it!
Wooyoung: It’s really childish inside~ Our conversations are always erratic and random, the kind that will jump from topic to topic as and when we like. I recently sent them a photo of the 500 years old tree that I took in Bali, Jun. K hyung then said ‘Pluck it out and move it back for me! My house is in need of purified and fresh air!’ Chansung then joined in and asked me to bring it back for him too (laughs). Khun hyung responded with ‘Please be mindful of your safety!’ I then replied ‘I’ll definitely bring back gifts for you guys!’ 
(Ceci note: Wooyoung then purchased Balinese coffee, which was said to be good for men, for the members as gifts). 

Q. The fans that are still waiting for 2PM’s comeback are growing old and wrinkly already~
Wooyoung: I’m so sorry~ and I love youuuu (aegyo)! It’s really coming soon, September is coming real soon~ After listening to the music you guys would definitely say that this is 2PM’s style and standard! There’s a lot of rhythm and it can make you wanna go crazy kind of song~ Oops, did I say too much? (laughs).

Q. What kind of music do you dream of making, not 2PM but Wooyoung as a singer/musician?
Wooyoung: After wandering/hovering for the last two years, I finally realised that music cannot be restrained with one particular style. Recently I had been learning how to do art, and it can’t be because I enjoy water colours and I disregard the style or the other components to that art piece. I did give myself some sort of a boundary/limit, even in other aspects I do feel that I did quite well (in regards to art/drawing). I transfer all the inspirations and feelings that I gathered on to my art pieces, and with regards to music, it would be likewise. 

“Suddenly I thought to myself, do I only like singing and dancing? To think I’ve been working so hard just for praises, to me resting is something that shouldn’t be allowed. I have already lost the touch, as I only wanted to quickly grow up into an adult. And right now, I just want to communicate with others. Be it on stage dancing and singing or in everyday life, I still need to work hard and gather as much experience so that I can to communicate with others.”

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[LQ] 140529 Wooyoung @ Gimpo Airport back from Japan

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[LQ] 140528 Wooyoung, Junho, and Chansung at Incheon Airport going to Japan
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[VID] You’re so Beautiful ver.2 Making 2PM




[HQ] 140525 Woooyoung at Incheon Airport going to Changsha, China

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[HQ] 140525 Wooyoung at Incheon Airport going to Changsha, China
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[HQ] 140525 Wooyoung at Incheon Airport going to Changsha, China
cr: jangga0430

[HQ] 140525 Wooyoung at Incheon Airport going to Changsha, China
cr: jangga0430

[HQ] 140525 Wooyoung at Incheon Airport going to Changsha, China
cr: jangga0430